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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dr. Robert Clarkson with Congressman Ron Paul, MD.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Extra! Extra! Robert Clarkson needs to remind all of his fellow patriots that even though he attended law school, passed the BAR exam and was at one time a Lawyer, he is no longer considered a Lawyer today by Legal standards. Click here for Full Story.
Disclaimer: “ Robert B Clarkson is not a lawyer. He is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina or in any other state or jurisdiction.”

Saturday, April 17, 2004

DOJ: Clarkson a Threat to tax system

The following article is reprinted from the March-April 1995 issue of the Patriot Cannon. We will be reprising other fine articles from the old, hard-copy PC to celebrate the long, effective career of this organization.

Last year the government mounted a herculean effort against the First Amendment, concentrating all of its wrath in a case against one patriot leader, Dr. Robert B. Clarkson. The lRS fears and hates Dr. Clarkson more than anyone else. He is the most successful patriot leader.

Special Prosecutors for the DOJ told the U.S. District Court that over the years Clarkson's IRS fighting had had a "severe impact on the function of the IRS in assessment and collection of income taxes," an "incredible impact" of harm; "damaged the credibility of the income tax system;" was a "tremendous drain" on IRS resources, and his lawsuits and untaxing of people had caused "a magnitude of damage to the IRS which is simply unbelievable."

As indicated by the pleadings of top-level DOJ attorneys against Clarkson in federal courts the government will do anything and violate any law to shut him up. What the IRS is referring to is Clarkson's numerous successful lawsuits against the IRS throughout the court system.

Many dedicated and true patriot leaders come into a town and give a rewarding untaxing seminar and then go on to their next location. A majority of the new patriots will be untaxed and never be contact by the IRS man; however a small number of people will be harassed. By then the untaxing expert is gone and not available for help.

On the other hand, when Dr. Clarkson does a tax freedom seminar, he keeps coming back again and again -- teaching, forming and preparing the patriot community for any confrontations that may come up with the tax thieves. And when any of Dr. Clarkson's people are harassed by the wicked tax slavemasters, Clarkson fights back. The Patriot Network legal expert goes into court using IRS rules and regulations, the tax code itself and the U.S. Code to beat the IRS at their own game. Over the years Clarkson has had remarkable success against the IRS. The Patriot Network hangs in for the fight and is remarkably successful. This is where the "magnitude of damage" springs from about which the DOJ is so concerned.

For example, in one now famous case the IRS tried to attach the financial records of dedicated long-time PN member Casey Henderson. Clarkson and Henderson went into federal court asking for the IRS 7609 summons to be quashed because the document was not "attested" and the Internal Revenue Code (Satan's bible to us) mandated that the document be attested. Ihe IRS and DOJ replied that the attestment procedure was out of date for a modern computerized society with copying machines. The patriots responded that the law was the law and had not been changed: attestment of documents was still required and the IRS had not done it.

The judge agreed with the "black letter of the law" and quashed the summons for lack of proper attestment. This one standard tax form was instantly out of date and the IRS had to destroy it and millions of others like it in their warehouses at tremendous expense! In this case and others, Clarkson has turned the tax thieves' regulations and laws against them and made them obey their own rules, causing an unbelievable amount of damage to the Treasury. In a day when tax moneys are used in every way conceivable against the American people, this is progress.

In the annals of history Dr. Robert Clarkson of South Carolina has caused more damage and grief to the mighty IRS than anyone else. Now you have it in the government's own words.

A resounding, historic victory is anticipated in the Clarkson case. Meanwhile, our leader is doing what he always does: writing, speaking, taking on IRS agents on radio talk shows, the works! The tax protest movement is surging ahead; the IRS is in retreat all over the country; resistance to the tax system is increasing tremendously. The two-decade-long efforts of Robert Clarkson, his steadfastness and tenacity have had a severe impact on IRS fortunes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

IRS Confrontation in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Great One (Dr. Clarkson) wore his red cape and Gene Chapman wore his Gandhi toga. The TV reporters and cameras interviewed Ray and he did an excellent job. Of course they had to give the IRS some time and the agent said we would be prosecuted! We understand that channel 10 gave us 2 or 3 min.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Fraud trial leads to contempt arrests

A federal trial this week in Anderson for financial fraud involving a Greenville man has resulted in the arrest of the defendant and two of his friends on contempt charges.

Bruce Hagen and David Cummings were arrested Monday and taken to the Anderson City jail, which houses federal prisoners. Bennie Gibbs, who was being tried on the fraud charges, was arrested Tuesday.

Read article here.

Monday, December 01, 2003


Date: 2003/12/01 Mon PM 08:52:45 EST

A power-mad federal judge, unlearned in the law, found two innocent patriots in contempt of court in federal court in Anderson, S.C. today. Erskine Cummings, longtime assistant to Dr. Clarkson, and longtime patriot activist Bruce Hagen were jailed by pro-"new world order" judge Ross Anderson. Years ago "Studge" (stooge/judge) Anderson threatened a local radio station into dropping Clarkson's radio show on income tax issues. Clarkson then reported the petty tyrant to the Supreme Court, which duly disciplined him. The Studge, aged about 75, has a reputation as a tyrant stretching back many, many years.

As a trial was in preparation for a local freedom fighter regarding multi-million-dollar bills of exchange (a creative and legal means of combating "banksters") supporters of the accused had prayer together in the courthouse hallway, led by Nelson Waller. To their shock, a U.S. Marshal came up to them when they were finished and warned them that the Studge interpreted this as an attempt to intimidate the jury pool, which was off in another room whose doors were guarded by federal cops.

Freedom fighter Cummings was in front of the courthouse, planning to distribute Fully-Informed Jury Amendment (FIJA) flyers. The prosecutor asked to look at one, and Cummings handed it to him. The Marshals then arrested Cummings for distributing jury nullification flyers to potential jurors. (Jury nullification is an option legally open to all jurors to judge law as well as facts in the case before them.)

Later, the Studge interrogated the spectators and brave Bruce identified himself (as he normally does) by only his first name -- whereupon the Studge had him arrested for contempt of court.

Clarkson stopped by the jailhouse to see the victims of this outrage, and left some toothpaste money for them. Clarkson and Waller also filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for both of them.

Both are expected to be released soon and to later collect damages for their wrongful incarceration.

More info on website.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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